Bay Area 
Wine Society
              Bringing Wine Country to the City

We formed this non profit club to create opportunities for Bay Area residents, couples as well as singles, to learn more about the Wondrous World of Wine without adding to the intimidation factor. We will explore and exchange views on a wide variety of domestic and occasionally imported wines from smaller, artisan producers, with a special emphasis on meeting the new kids on the block.

We will hold tastings, take trips to wineries, offer discounts to sponsored wine events as well as the wines being poured, and invite vintners to lead us through their current releases. We encourage suggestions for programs.

We rely on the platform to promote our events.

From time to time, we also convene informal tasting panels to evaluate California wines, placing our findings on and here .

We have also created a buyers cooperative to enable members to purchase wine at up to 40% off of suggested retail. Stay tuned.

Bay Area Wine Society
Post Office Box 2274
Napa CA 94558

Samples to: 2360 Redwood Rd. Suite 112

Napa CA 94558


Last updated: July 13, 2015
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